NRMIG meeting minutes, ALA Midwinter 2007

Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group
Minutes, January 21, 2007

Brian Surratt (Chair) called the meeting to order shortly after 8:00 a.m.
He introduced the officers and explained that the meeting will consist of an informal discussion followed by a business meeting.

The CC:DA Liaison Report was given before the discussion, as Greta de Groat needed to leave for another meeting.
• CC:DA reviewed the draft of a consolidated ISBD. They were a little baffled about what their comments are supposed to be. RDA chapters 6, 7 and 3 comments were submitted.
• Greta mentioned the committee’s “crisis of confidence” about RDA development; they suggested that the Joint Steering Committee do a top-down approach, hire additional staff, use other standards besides AACR2 as models.
• Apparently other countries don’t reflect the concerns of ALA on the JSC.
• Next steps: revise Chapter 3 & part of 4 (March). Chapters 6, 7 June; part B later in year.
• Online draft prototype

Panel Discussion on Issues Related to Metadata Creation and Management
Panelists and their presentations:

Diane Hillmann (See )
Research Librarian, Cornell University
Metadata management and updating in institutional environments: problems and potential solutions. Describing the “Metadata Management Layer” that any institution pushing content should be thinking about.

Jody Perkins
Metadata Librarian, Miami University Libraries
Project planning and management / work flow issues with an emphasis on what makes metadata creation different than traditional cataloging. Observations regarding the impact of politics on digital library projects.

Suzanne Pilsk
Librarian, Metadata Specialist, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
The importance of getting the right literature to the right people in the right format for them to use. This talk will focus on the taxonomic literature that is constantly referenced by current researchers world wide. (See )

Remainder of business meeting:

The minutes from ALA Annual 2006 in New Orleans were read and approved.

Program co-chairs: Michael Babinec and Holly Mercer have been working on a program for 2007 Annual: “Bringing order to chaos, managing metadata for digital projects,” to be held on Sunday, June 24, 2007. The three speakers are:
• Erin Stahlberg, U Va
• Claire Stewart, Northwestern
• Ann Caldwell, Brown
We are pursuing a co-sponsorship in name only with a LITA interest group. Considering whether to have a publication as an outcome.
LRTS Board member present at this meeting strongly encourages a submission: just submit the papers of the presenters. She will ask about the process possibilities.
They were approached by an editor of the ALCTS papers series already.
We have a corporate sponsor, so perhaps we could do a podcast, but there is an expense.
Build this (podcast) into planning of the 2008 program, and not consider for 2007.
We’re looking into ideas for 2008 program now; will discuss on email list.

Publications: Jen Wolfe represented Jennifer O’Brien-Roper, Publications Chair.
The Metadata Blog is up and running:
Jennifer would like to have help working on the blog policy & with the software. Currently a blogger needs to be granted rights to post on the blog. Brian posed the question: should the Publications Chair attend the ALCTS publications committee meeting? Might be good for getting more information. Someone should attend at annual.

LITA Liaison: Holley Long listed some LITA interest group meetings scheduled for this weekend. Go to to read summaries. She encouraged LITA members to attend the Town Meeting tomorrow. Talk to Holly for more info on LITA.

Nominations for elections at annual: Brian will send out a formal request on the email list. If we expand into more outreach, we could use more help. Think about opportunities for participating. There is a 2-year term limit.

Other: Jin Ma is working on an ACRL Spec survey on metadata staffing, projects and organizational changes. She is finalizing it right now & would appreciate comments. Will go out in Spring to ACRL members. (Contact Jin at: )

Jen Wolfe: Dinner at 8 tonight at the Palace Kitchen, followed by drinks at Shorty’s Club.

Respectfully submitted,
Louise Ratliff

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