MIG Officer Elections, 2013-2014

New officers were elected during the 2013 ALA Annual ACLTS Metadata Interest Group business meeting; they join the returning officers for the coming year. The MIG officers for 2013-2014 are:
Chair : Maureen Walsh, The Ohio State University
Vice-Chair : Jennifer Miller, Rice University
Secretary : Steven Folsom, Cornell University
Program Co-Chair : Santi Thompson, University of Houston
Program Co-Chair : Ivey Glendon, University of Virginia
Blog Coordinator : Jason Kovari, Cornell University

About Jason Kovari

Jason Kovari is Head of Metadata Services and Web Archivist at Cornell University. Prior to this role, Kovari worked as Metadata Librarian for Humanities and Special Collections at Cornell University and Special Collections Digital Initiatives Librarian for the University of Mississippi (updated June 2014).
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